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How to pay by credit card​

We are currently able to accept credit card payments through a processor that requires account sign-up.

To facilitate the process we have listed below the easy steps to follow to complete your credit card payment. 

The procedure is slightly longer for orders over $150.

STEP 1 - Enter your order amount

– Open the link you find in the payment instructions.

–  In the ‘You pay’ section enter your order total amount, and select your preferred currency (USD, EUR etc).

–  Click the log in button.

STEP 2 - Register into the platform

– Sign up entering your email and password, or simply sign up through Google or Facebook.

– Enter the verification code you received by email.

– Enter your phone number and the verification code you receive via SMS or Whatsapp. 

STEP 3 - Verify your identity (only for order over 150$, if your order is less then 150$ skip to step 4)

– Choose an ID document to upload (Passport, ID card, Driver’s license) and upload the document.

– Proceed with live face verification. 

– Wait couple of second while your data are processed.


STEP 4 - You can now make your payment

– Enter your card details. 

– Once you complete the payment it may take around 10 minutes for the system to process your order. You can just close the page and check if your payment went through correcty from your bank account. 

We hope this guide can help. If you need further assistance to complete your payment you can send us an email.